The Last Republican Senator You’d Expect Just Endorsed Medical Marijuana

by Chris Reynolds 0

marijuana hatch

Marijuana decriminalization has for a long time been a contentious issue even within the Republican party, with those in the libertarian wing supporting its legalization and those in the social conservative wing staunchly opposed to it.

However, the marijuana legalization movement just found an unexpected ally in Senator Orrin Hatch, the ranking Republican in the Senate. The Utah native just introduced legislation called the Marijuana Effective Drug Study Act of 2017, or MEDS Act, to clear hurdles for government scientists to be able to study the plant’s medicinal value.

Wrote Sen. Hatch in tongue-in-cheek statement about the bill, “It’s high time to address research into medical marijuana. Our country has experimented with a variety of state solutions without properly delving into the weeds on the effectiveness, safety, dosing, administration, and quality of medical marijuana.”

He continued, “All the while, the federal government strains to enforce regulations that sometimes do more harm than good. To be blunt, we need to remove the administrative barriers preventing legitimate research into medical marijuana, which is why I’ve decided to roll out the MEDS Act.”

Concluded Hatch, “I urge my colleagues to join Senator Schatz and me in our joint effort to help thousands of Americans suffering from a wide-range of diseases and disorders. In a Washington at war with itself, I have high hopes that this bipartisan initiative can be a kumbaya moment for both parties.” Do you support Hatch’s bill to grant more legal status to marijuana, or do you think the 83-year-old is making a mistake?