Laura Ingraham Shreds Boy Scouts, Says Why They’ve Caved To ‘Tyranny Of Political Correctness’

by Chris Reynolds 0

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Liberals like Barack Obama have in recent years been pushing the idea that gender is nothing more than a “social construction.” This has led to odd moves such as Obama’s order that gender-specific bathrooms have to let in transsexuals, regardless of the gender they were born with.

Sadly, in preductable fashion, this leftist social disease has now affected the venerable Boy Scouts of America organization. In a recent announcement, the Boy Scouts stated that they would not be letting girls into some of their program. This is despite the fact that, of course, a group called the Girl Scouts for girls already exists.

On The Ingraham Angle, commentator Laura Ingraham bashed the Boy Scouts for caving to liberal extremists with their decision. Said Laura, “It’s the tyranny of political correctness. Boys should be able have a boys’ club, and girls should be able to have a girls’ club. This is just more madness. Most parents are tired of it.”

Added Laura, who has a son and a daughter, “It’s a very small, radical group of gender benders out there in the culture who want to say there’s no difference between boys and girls, that they’re all the same.”

Even the Girl Scouts are not happy with the Boy Scouts’ move. Stated Lisa Margosian, Chief Customer Officer for Girl Scouts, “This is a direct response to boost their declining membership. We’ve had competitors come and go, and this is yet another competitor.” Do you agree with Laura? Watch below: