Lib Brazilian Women Just Protested Topless For Idiotic Reason, What Is Wrong With Them?

by Chris Reynolds 0

topless protest

Given all the legendary stories about Rio de Janiro and Carnaval, you might not think it would take much for women in Brazil to go out in public without tops. However, what many don’t know is that Brazil is actually a deeply Catholic country that takes the Church’s religious rules very seriously.

For example, unlike in the United States, abortion is illegal in Brazil. However, it had still been legal for abortions to be carried out in cases when a woman is raped or when the unborn child has anencephaly.

However, a special governmental committee was gathered recently to decide if these exceptions should remain. An evangelical pastor named Eurico da Silva, who is also a congressman, argued before the committee, “To defend abortion, like it or not, is a Satanic, diabolical and destructive act.” His words proved to be persuasive enough, as the committee voted 18-1 to make abortion in all cases illegal in Brazil.

In predictable fashion, however, the country’s liberals were not happy about this decision, and in several cities crowds of women marched through the streets topless. The women chanted “Our bodies are our bodies.”

Our In the country’s two largest cities Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, the protests got so rowdy that police had to fire tear gas at the crowds. Do you think this protest in Brazil is even dumber than our protests?

Women protested topless against an abortion vote