Lib Prof Says Mathematics Is ‘Racist’ Because It Was Invented By White People

by Chris Reynolds 0

math is racist

If there is one thing in the universe that is not racist, because it cannot be racist, it’s mathematics. However, liberals cannot seem to understand this, since they believe that everything in the year 2017 needs to be racialized.

A math professor at the University of Illinois, Champaign recently went on a rant about why she believes math is racist, simply because the fundamentals of math were discovered by the Greeks and, later, people in other European countries.

Said Rochelle Gutierrez in a chapter of a book she published about mathematics and race, “Curricula emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans.”

She also claimed absurdly that “mathematics operates with unearned privilege in society, just like Whiteness.” Rochelle stated, “If one is not viewed as mathematical, there will always be a sense of inferiority that can be summoned …” and alleged that “so many people are walking around in society who have experienced trauma, microaggressions from participating in math classrooms.”

Her dumbest statement was that “on many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness.” This math professor somehow forgets the basic fact that math is completely independent from any human culture and exists outside of it. Humans can discover mathematical principles and develop them, but by definition there’s no such thing as “White math.” Do you think this professor is actually harming her students?