Lib Teacher Gave Kids Multiple Choice Quiz With ‘Shooting At Trump’ As An Answer, She’s In Huge Trouble

by Chris Reynolds 0

carin teacher

Particularly after the mass shooting in Las Vegas that claimed 58 innocent people’s lives, it is unsettling that some people would take things so unseriously as to still suggest that President Donald Trump could be shot at.

It is even more disturbing, however, when such a comment would come from a taxpayer-supported public school teacher. This recently happened at Jackson Hole High School in Wyoming, when a teacher gave “shooting at Trump” as an answer for a multiple choice quiz.

A student named Rylee McCollum at the high school was taking an online quiz about the George Orwell classic Animal Farm when he came to a question about the book that asked, “Napoleon has the gun fired for a new occasion. What is the new occasion?” One (thankfully incorrect) answer that he had to choose from was “He was shooting at Trump.”

Rylee screen captured the quiz question and showed it to his father Jim. Stated Rylee’s father, “To see that in my son’s class. This is not OK.” He continued, “It’s about respect for the office more than anything. That’s enough of this. No way.” Jim said about his son, “Rylee is very patriotic, very supportive of our military and of our country.” He said that Rylee told him, “Dad, they crapped on everything I believe in.”

Teton County School District No. 1 was informed about the quiz given by English teacher Carin Aufderheide, and they are considering possible punishments for her. Said a statement from the district, “TCSD #1 administration learned late yesterday that a quiz was administered to a class of high school students that contained an inappropriate answer to a multiple choice question. Administration is investigating this incident and verifying the information we have received. TCSD #1 takes seriously threats of any kind, regardless of the intent. We apologize to the students, families and community for this incident and will be addressing the issue with personnel.” Does this Trump-hating teacher deserve to get fired?