Liberals Attack President Trump For The Movie ‘Black Panther’ Having An Imperfect Rating

by Donald 0


The new Marvel movie ‘Black Panther’ is coming out on February 13th. The movie has been seen and given perfect reviews by almost every reviewer except for one. The liberal media immediately attacked the critic for telling his honest opinion, and some even accused him of being a racist for not liking the movie. However one liberal news outlet took things even further and blamed President Trump for this one bad rating.

“Trump’s America Spoils Black Panther’s 100% Rotten Tomatoes Score,” writes one website. “Black Panther first review: ‘It is expected to stand for something bigger than itself – the strain is visible” writes another, which goes on to discuss Trump.

“Fourteen months into the Trump presidency, Black Panther arrives on storm-clouds of hype and with the presumption that, as the first African-set Marvel movie, it will deliver a resounding high-kick to prejudice and decades of hierarchy, racial and otherwise, in blockbuster cinema. It is expected to stand for something bigger than itself,” writes Irish Independent.

“The strain is visible, especially in the performance of Chadwick Boseman as Prince T’Challa – the eponymous Black Panther. In the context of the place United States finds itself today, and where it has come from, Boseman knows he can’t wise-crack his way through the film in the fashion of, for example, Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark, and the responsibility to be at all times sincere weighs on him,” it says.

However, the negative reviewer did not care about the race of the hero, or about Donald Trump. Instead he complains there was “not enough beating up bad guys”.