Liberals Just Threw A Tantrum Because Ivanka Trump Calls Her Father “Daddy”

by Chris Reynolds 0

ivanka daddy

America’s First Daughter Ivanka Trump enjoys a close, loving relationship with her father, President Donald Trump. Donald values the intelligent, well-educated and savvy Ivanka’s advice so greatly that he even made her one of his official advisors in the White House.

Instead of acknowledging the fact that Trump’s daughter has such a great influence on the president, their rapport clearly makes liberals feel uneasy. It does not fit within their degrading image of Donald Trump as a man who does not respect women and only sees them as objects.

President Donald Trump recently held a rally in North Dakota, and when he was on stage he talked about Ivanka’s desire to join him in his trip, saying, “She actually said, ‘Daddy, can I go with you?’ … And I said, ‘Yes, you can.’”

Somehow, liberals could not handle the fact that a woman would call her own father “Daddy,” and they rushed to project sexuality onto it and denounce it. Wrote one liberal Twitter user, “trump has taken so much from me. i will not allow daddy talk to be one of them. scrub the internet of this moment’s existence immediately.”

Another added, “POTUS makes a point to correct himself that White House adviser Ivanka Trump called him daddy and not dad.” Said a third, nastily, “i… did trump just admit he likes it when Ivanka calls him daddy.” Why are liberals obsessed with making disgusting insinuations about Donald Trump and his daughter?