Liberals Torment Melania Over Her Accent And Appearance After She Announces Anti-Bullying Campaign

by Donald 0


Melania Trump just announced her new anti-bullying campaign ‘Be Best.’ Liberals were quick to attack and bully her for a number of reasons.

Melania describes her ‘Be Best’ program as “…an awareness campaign dedicated to the most valuable and fragile among us — our children. There is one goal to BE BEST — and that is to educate children about the many issues they are facing today. If we truly listen to what our kids have to say, whether it be their concerns or ideas, adults can provide them the support and tools they need to grow up to be happy and productive adults who contribute positively to society and their global communities.”

“Great! Now Melania is going to have speak in broken English!! Be Best <—- wtf??" wrote one user on twitter. A number of users commented on how 'Be Best' sounds like broken English. Some commented that she 'looked orange' when she gave the speech. White House April Ryan attacked Melania in a very strange way around the same time. She implied that Melania is not 'culturally American.' “She is learning the ways. And she stood in front of him and basically said she wants to show young people how it’s done and do right and they will pick up those habits. I wonder if the president will change... There are realities, there are a lot of realities that she is dealing with. This is, this is a first lady who is not culturally American, but she is learning the ways, and this is not just an American issue, these are not just American issues, these are international issues," said Ryan.