“Like A Cheech And Chong Movie”, GOP Rep Destroys Libs Who Say They “See Smoke” About Russia

by Chris Reynolds 0

Brat Chong

Democrats were clearly not prepared to accept the fact that the American people rose up and resoundingly rejected the candidate Hillary Clinton that the Democrats thought they could easily force in to become Barack Obama’s successor as U.S. President.

Since they could not win the election, Democrats have been attempting every trick in the book to delegimitize and sabotage President Donald Trump, and have from the very first day talked about how they could somehow get President Trump impeached for all manner of manufactured crimes. Republican Congressman David Brat recently delivered a scathing slam on these Democrats and their witch hunt.

The Democrats, of course, have no evidence and certainly no proof regarding Donald Trump and hsi campaign’s supposed collusion with Russia. However, they have been trying to keep this story alive by repeating the worn-out adage “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” They keep claiming that they see a lot of “smoke.”

Commented Rep. Brat, “What you gotta do is just name the statute that’s been violated. Democrats are upset that Trump won the election and so they’ve been saying ‘impeach, impeach’ since day one.” He zinged Virginia Democratic Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine in this anti-Trump hysteria, saying, “My Senators from Virginia are getting apoplectic. Mark Warner’s seeing smoke everywhere he goes like he’s in a Cheech and Chong movie and [Tim] Kaine now thinks the son is worse than Benedict Arnold.” Ouch!

Added Rep. Brat about CNN, “There’s collusion everywhere but the question is whether a statue has been violated. There’s collusion between CNN and the DCCC and the Washington Post and I don’t complain about that–it’s not illegal. I think it’s unethical but it’s not illegal.” Do you agree with David Brat? Watch below: