Maxine Waters Just Told Most Batsh*t Crazy Lie Of Her Entire Career, She Got Destroyed

by Chris Reynolds 0

Maxine waters batshit

When there are over-the-hill people like Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters in Congress, it makes you think that Washington, D.C. should impose term limits on our elected leaders so that people like Waters can no longer hang on to their important jobs far part their time of usefulness.

Maxine Waters’ newest fixation is in aggressively attacking President Donald Trump and calling for him to get impeached of made-up crimes. Recently, she has taken a break from Trump to smear former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, and she let loose what is arguably her craziest comment yet.

O’Reilly is clearly no fan of Rep. Waters, and in an episode on his program mocked her with a hilarious, cutting zinger for wearing a wig that makes her look like James Brown. This apparently got to Maxine on such a deep level that she switched her negative focus to saying lunatic things about O’Reilly.

Said Waters to Anderson Cooper about O’Reilly after learning that Bill had been let go at Fox News, “Unfortunately, he was a man who made tremendous sums of money, had a huge show, and really, there’s something wrong with him psychologically. I hope he seeks some help. And I hope that the women who have come forward feel good about the justice they are receiving.”

Waters’ liberal enabler then prompted her by asking her if Bill O’Reilly “needs to go to jail.” Maxine took Anderson’s direction and spewed, “The day will come when rich men won’t be able to buy their way out of this criminal activity, and they will go to jail, and they should go to jail.” Do you think somebody needs to tell this unhinged woman to finally retire?