“Maybe He Can Run A Bourbon Company”, Ingraham Slams McConnell For Getting Nothing Done

by Chris Reynolds 0


Popular conservative commentator Laura Ingraham is upset with how little help the current Republican leadership in Congress has given President Donald Trump with his ambitious, transformative agenda. She recently appeared on Fox News’ Hannity and made her feelings known.

Commented Laura to Sean, “The people expect action. If Mitch McConnell cannot get this done … with the House in Republicans’ hands, obviously the Senate and the presidency, then I think it’s time for him and a lot of his colleagues to go into a different line of work. They’re just not all that good — contrary to what we’ve heard — at politics.”

She continued, with a powerful dig, “So maybe Mitch McConnell either rides off into the sunset, does something in Kentucky, maybe he can run a bourbon company or something down there, and leave politics to people like Donald Trump, who can actually cut deals when necessary and get results for the American people. Because so far they’ve given us a bunch of goose eggs here.”

Hannity then asked Ingraham, “Why won’t Congress just pass the legislation that all of you, the American people, voted for, and why can’t he simply just get the job done?” Replied Laura, “We’ve gotten almost nothing from Republicans.”

She added, “And Donald Trump is sick of it. So he’s going to cut deals if he has to to move the ball down the field. And Republicans can actually build out a movement that would sustain this party for decades, Sean, if they actually followed the ‘America First,’ ‘Make America great again’ agenda. In this point we have a chance — the first time in 30 years — to revitalize the American economy for a new generation of Americans long after Mitch McConnell is gone, long after we’re gone.” Do you agree with Laura?