Media Spins Trump Jr’s One Word Tweet Into A “Confession” Against His Dad, He Crushes Them With Truth

by Donald 0


Geraldo Rivera recently wrote a surprising series of tweets against the “Hugely Hostile Media”. In a few of the tweets he attacked Comey for his ‘memos’ that he is trying to use against President trump. Comey’s memo claims that Trump told him to cut Michael Flynn some slack because he’s a good man.

“News Flash, @realDonaldTrump hoping @JamesComeyFBI cuts @MikeFlynn some slack because he is a ‘good man’ is not close to #Obstruction,” tweeted Rivera. Donald Trump Jr. thought the tweet made a good point. He retweeted it and wrote “truth”. Apparently saying “truth” was all it took to piss off the mainstream media.

They apparently though this ‘proves’ that Comey was telling the truth in his memo. “Did Donald Trump Jr. just confirm the Comey memo?” wrote the Washington Examiner. “Donald Trump Jr. implies the Comey memo is true,” wrote The Week Magazine. “Donald Trump Jr. Appears To Confirm Comey Memo Before Backtracking,” writes Talking Points Memo.

“Donald Trump, Jr. basically just confirmed that the Comey memo is real. Independent sources had already done so, but he just did as well,” writes Shaun King. However, Donald Trump Jr. spoke out against all of these idiots himself.

“Give me a break. Me agreeing with someone’s interpretation of a theory does nothing of the sort. You’re trying way to hard,” writes Trump Jr. How do they think Trump Jr. would even know what his father said during his February meeting with Comey?