Meghan McCain Crushes Co-Hosts For Denying Trump’s High Approval Ratings

by Donald 0


Meghan McCain faced off against her co-hosts when they tried to deny President Trump’s high approval ratings.

“The question I have, though, is we had Stormy Daniels on the show, she’s been dominating the news. Comey’s book release, selling everywhere, obviously all these reports he is going to fire Mueller. Then why are his polls at an all-time high right now? 45 percent approval rating NBC, Gallup 42 percent, 41 percent Monmouth University. This isn’t resonating,” pointed out McCain.

“Where did you get that his polls are high?” asked Behar. “NBC, Gallup, Monmouth University,” responded McCain. “And what is the number?” asked Behar very stupidly.

“45 percent NBC, 42 percent Gallup, 41 percent Monmouth University, all his approval ratings are above 40%,” pointed out McCain. “That’s not a rousing endorsement, 40 percent,” scoffed Behar. “They’re at an all-time high right now,” said McCain.

Host Sunny Hostin denied the polls. “I don’t know. After the election, do any of us believe these polls any more? I mean, I don’t even believe them, honestly,” said Hostin. The polls that the mainstream media used in the election were wrong because they didn’t want to admit America’s love of Trump. However, we all still support him, so if anything, those polls are too low. Check out the video below.