Megyn Kelly Just Said Something Disgusting About President Trump In Response To Weinstein Sex Scandal

by Donald 0

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Megyn Kelly recently announced that she was tired of everything being about President Trump. It turns out that was a lie. Kelly managed to twist the sex scandal story with Hollywood Democrat Harvey Weinstein into an attack on President Trump.

She explained that she already learned from 2016, that women have a long way to go.

“One of my main takeaways from 2016, everything that happened in that campaign, is that we as women have a long way to go, a long way to go. And this is further evidence of that — you know, it’s like how many of these do we have to go through before industries become introspective? Why did the press have to break this? Why wasn’t it someone at the Weinstein Company?” said Kelly.

“If they didn’t know, why didn’t they know? How many more do we have to go through? How many women is it happening to right now until we can affect a real sea change? We might be at the beginning of that, but I don’t think we’re even close to the middle,” said Kelly.

In an interview just a few weeks ago, Kelly said that she was tire of everything about President Trump. “Why can’t I watch the Emmys without seeing Sean Spicer? What was he doing there? Can’t I just watch the fabulous gowns? Can’t I have an escape? Must everything be political? Everything? EVERYTHING!” she said.