Michael Wolff Loses More Credibility As He Lies How Many Copies Of His Book Have Been Sold

by Donald 0

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Michael Wolff’s book ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’ is losing more and more credibility each day. Even CNN anchors like Brian Stelter have been forced to admit the books many factual errors. However they argue that the book still ‘rings true’. Michael Wolff is incredibly bad at being honest. He couldn’t even tell the truth of how many copies of his book were sold.

In an interview with the New Yorker, Michael Wolff talked about how important he thinks his book is and how many copies he sold.

“Wolff pointed out that, as of the close of business on Monday, a million copies of the book had sold in just four days. “I’m going around saying, ‘It’s just a book,’ but it has become something so much larger,” he said, citing Trump’s attacks on the book and his failed attempt to prevent it from being published,” writes the New Yorker

““The President seems to think this book is some kind of significant threat, and that changes the context,” Wolff said. “Whereas with a regular book, a Mike Berman for a Mark Berman . . . would have been of no consequence whatsoever, now it’s suddenly a state question,”” says the New Yorker.

However, he didn’t sell a million books in the first four days. In fact according to the AP, his book sold about 29,000 hard copies and 250,000 ebooks in the first four days. That’s very short of a million! If this guy wasn’t insulting President Trump, no one in the mainstream media would think this guy is credible.