Michelle Malkin Just Trolled Maxine Waters In An Incredible Way, It’s Hilarious

by Chris Reynolds 0

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Like anyone with a shred of common sense, conservative political commentator Michelle Malkin is through with Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters of Los Angeles and her bizarre, unhinged statements about President Donald Trump and other Republicans.

Malkin decided to troll Rep. Waters by announcing that she had started a brand new committe, for which she will serve as the head. The group is called “Conservatives for Maxine Waters for President” and Malkin even created a television commercial for it.

Malkin decided to make the spoof commercial after sources have come out that Waters may seek higher political office than her congressional seat. Said Michelle with tongue firmly planted in her cheek, “I would like to make an official announcement: Today, I am assuming the role of chairman of a new political committee, ‘Conservatives for Maxine Waters for President’.”

Malkin pointed to Waters’ “economically ravaged south-central Los Angeles district” for Americans to see what Waters’ leadership looked like in action. She described, “Staggering levels of persistent unemployment, poverty and gang violence 25 years after the LA riots. As chairman of Conservative for Maxine Waters for president, I pledge to do my best to spotlight Mad Max’s long record of coddling gang members and using her office to enrich herself and her family.”

She added, references all the ethics violations Maxine was charged with in 2010, “There you have it in a nutshell, liberalism in living color. Corruption, cronyism and cashing in for friends and family while your constituents and taxpayers get screwed. Three cheers for making Maxine the defining face of the Democratic Party.” Do you think Malkin nailed it about Maxine Waters? Watch below: