Is Michelle Obama Running For President In 2020? The Answer Has Just Been Exposed

by Donald 0

First lady Michelle Obama speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, June 4, 2014, during a Joining Forces initiative event to announce "The Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness" program. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

We have all been wishing for the Obama’s and the Clinton’s to just go away forever. But the question has to be asked. Will Michelle Obama be running for President in 2020? The answer was just revealed by Michelle’s close friend and Obama top advisor Valerie Jarrett.

“What I’m more interested in is, to the point that you were getting to about running for office, is to help some young people run for office, trying to find that next generation. I really want to help get people to appreciate the impact they can have if they get in and whether they run for office or serve in the public sector,” explained Jarret in an interview with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.

“What about encouraging your friend Michelle?” asked Brzezinski. Jarrett said that Michelle Obama running for office wouldn’t “be fruitful.”

“I will encourage her to be a force for good, I don’t think she needs much for that, she was an extraordinary first lady, but I don’t think she wants to run for office. I think she appreciates she has this extraordinary platform — as does her husband, they’re young, they’re very popular, the president left office with very high approval ratings as did she — so how do you take that and galvanize the American people, citizens, to actually work to solve some of the big challenges that lie ahead,” explained Jarrett.

“Those are solution that do not have to begin in Washington,” explained Jarrett. Are you glad we won’t have to deal with Michelle Obama in the 2020 election? Check out the interview below.