MLK Niece Alveda King Crushes Maxine Water For “Playing The Race Card Again”

by Donald 0

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Martin Luther King’s niece Alveda King tore into Maxine Waters for playing the ‘race card’ in her fight with Republican Rep. Mike Kelly. “Congressman Waters is on the wrong frequency,” said King.

“The skin color thing, trying to equate a person’s skin color to their race,” said Alveda while explaining that is “right when he’s saying the nation needs help, the nation is in trouble.”

King then accused Waters of “playing the race card again,” and Americans must “learn to live together as brothers, and I’ll add as sisters” and “get past that skin color argument.” “Our blood is red, of one blood God made all people to live together on the face of the Earth,” she said.

“The job market is up, unemployment is down… Americans are getting opportunities to go back to work,” explained King.

King is reacting to Maxine Waters latest argument with Kelly, where she completely lost it. “I don’t appreciate that you did not interrupt him when he was making those outrageous remarks about him knowing more about discrimination than I know about discrimination. I resent that, and I resent the remark about making America great again. He’s down here making a speech for this dishonorable president of the United States of America… and no I don’t yield, not one second to you. Not one second. Not one second to you,” screamed Waters during the argument.