MSNBC Argues That Trump’s Meeting Isn’t Actually “Historic” For A Very Stupid Reason

by Donald 0

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While many Americans are celebrating the progress made with Kim Jon Un, many in the media are looking for any petty little thing to complain about that they can find. CNN complained about the jet lag and the expensive food items on the menu in Singapore. MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ guests are complaining over the use of the word ‘historic.’

This is the greatest step the United States has taken towards peace with North Korea in years. However, guest Jon Meacham denied that the meeting with ‘historic.’

“Two thoughts. Just because something hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean it’s historic. That’s one thing. I think when you call something historic, it means it has a good chance of having lasting implications. And I think it’s very unclear, at least to my layman’s eye, that this does that,” whined Meacham.

Can you imagine hating Trump so much that you root for him to fail at a time like this? Scarborough went on to bitterly whine that Trump doesn’t know what Kim Jong Un wants.

“It is — that — it is Donald Trump still, Donald Trump the real estate developer, and he doesn’t realize that this dictator doesn’t want beach condos. He wants nuclear weapons. And I don’t think he has any plans to go the way of Gaddafi,” claimed Scarborough.