MSNBC Claims That It Is A “Mythology” That President Trump Is A Human, Here’s What They Say He Is

by Donald 0

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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace decided to question whether or not President Trump really is human. After deciding that he has no humanity, her and her guest decided what Trump really is.

“A serious question about Donald Trump’s humanity, because there’s a mythology at the White House. And I first heard this mythology spoon fed to those of us who cover him after the Syria strike, that he was so moved by the images, the horrific images of the children suffering from the chemical attack in Syria, that that helped motivate him to act,” said Wallace.

“And you heard the same stories after the horrific tragedy in Parkland, that this changed him. That’s B.S. I mean, they lie when they tell stories about the President’s humanity. He didn’t do anything,” said Wallace.

“I think they lie on two levels. At best, it would be a nanosecond that he felt something. But to our, some of our earlier discussions – I’m not going to go there about him being a sociopath,” responded guest Donny Deutsch immediately before going there.

“I don’t think he’s capable of the basic empathies that we feel as human beings, and that’s what a sociopath is. I think everything is immediately translated to “me.” I don’t think – I’m not inside him, but everything I know, and know him 20 [years], when we see children dying, we as humans, we as parents, feel a certain way. I honestly don’t think it translates to him, and that’s what makes him a sociopath,” said Deutsch.