MSNBC Host Claims Trump Presidency Is “Worst Time To Be A Human”, She Got Destroyed

by Chris Reynolds 0

joy era

Poorly informed liberals in the media keep trying to turn the American viewing public against their own democratically elected president by making absurd, exaggerated pronouncements about how bad things have supposedly become for them under President Donald Trump.

Liberal MSNBC host Joy Reid, who has been a vocal and particularly nasty critic of Trump, was at it once again when she spoke in childish extreme terms about the Trump era to Vulture magazine. Said Joy, “I’ve said to people that this is probably the greatest time to be a journalist, and the worst time to be a human.”

She continued, “I’m grateful for the platform that I have. I was grateful for it before, when it was much smaller. I think because this election was so unusual, and because I kind of am a stand-in for my viewers — I can be shocked on their behalf — that made people connect with me more.”

The liberal then added, “I’m an opinion journalist, so I don’t have to pretend not to be shocked and appalled. I can actually be shocked and appalled. So it’s kind of played to my strength in a way. My previous job was a bit different.”

Reid’s hyperbolic statement did not sit well with people. Hit back one internet commenter, “Because world history started the day she was born. History is hardly taught in H. School or College anymore..so yea in her minds eye things are pretty bad…” They continued, “Perhaps she should study history a bit eh? I have my Great Grandfather’s Diary which ranges from pre WWI-through the Great Depression and so forth. Those were some mighty bad times to be as Joy here says….Being a HUMAN….” Do you think this self-centered liberal needs to brush up on history?