MSNBC Lib Says It’s ‘Alarming’ Young Whites Aren’t As Anti-Trump As He Wants Them To Be

by Chris Reynolds 0

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Liberals still cannot accept the fact that more than 60 million voters chose Republican Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, thinking that voting for a change agent like Trump over an establishment crook like Hillary is somehow “unthinkable.”

They clearly have not learned from their mistake, as evidenced by a left-wing commentator named Jonathan Capehart going on MSNBC and voicing his frustration that a recent survey showed that young white people are not as anti-Trump as he expected them to be.

Said Capehart sarcastically, while introducing the topic of the surprising-to-him survey, “Surely, the forward-thinking millennial generation will deliver us from the sins of their elders. But the survey results — with the apt title “The ‘woke’ generation?: Millennial attitudes on race in the US” — dashed my hopes of that…As a new GenForward Survey of 18-to-34-year-olds reveals, white millennials are ‘quickly becoming the outlier group in this generation.’”

Going through the survey’s details, he then stated, “The next warning sign comes in Figure 4 with a straightforward question. ‘Do you believe Donald Trump is a racist or is not a racist?’ No surprise that overwhelming majorities of African Americans (82 percent), Asian Americans (74 percent) and Latinos (78 percent) say, ‘Yes.’ White millennials, however, were almost split. A saving grace is that 51 percent said, ‘Yes.’ But 48 percent saying no, despite all the evidence to the contrary, is beyond worrisome.”

He later concluded, outraged, “And this GenForward Survey shows that despite the millennial reputation, white millennials think a lot more like whites than millennials, who are increasingly people of color.” Do you think liberals are ridiculous for assuming that young people can’t think for themselves and should all automatically be Democrats?