MSNBC Panelist Accuses President Trump Of Saying ‘The N-Word’ In The Future

by Donald 0


During a segment on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, guest and TheRoot.com politics editor Jason Johnson accused President Trump of saying the ‘n-word’… in the future.

“He is half a rally away from just using the ‘N-word.’ It’s that basic. He is half a rally away from just calling somebody the ‘N-word’ and then everyone is going to pretend that they’re shocked. Everybody on ‘The Apprentice’ is going to say he used it all the time. That’s what he does,” claimed Johnson without evidence.

If your going to insult President Trump, you should at least insult him on things he’s actually done. This is similar to a statement Hillary Clinton made on the same day about President Trump’s supporters.

“He doesn’t have to be around people of color unless he wants to. His relationship with black women is similar to his relationship with women in general. If black women aren’t working for him and they aren’t there to serve him in some personal way, he’s basically Calvin Candie,” said Johnson. Calvin Candie is a plantation owner from the movie Django Unchained.

Basically he is saying that Trump only likes the people who agree with him and support his cause and his Presidency. But if those people who don’t like him happen to be black, than Trump is a racist for not liking them. “That’s basically Trump. If she’s not Diamond and Silk, if she’s not Omarosa, ‘I can’t believe this black woman is talking to me.’”