MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Slams The Media For Being Anti-Trump, But Nobody Falls For It

by Donald 0


MSNBC’s couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski slammed the mainstream media for being ‘anti-Trump’ during an interview with Katie Couric. However they are some of the most anti-Trump people on all of television. They insult him on a daily basis, calling him a ‘white supremacist’ and comparing him to Hitler and Stalin, Kim Jong Un and ISIS.

“The entire mainstream media, we are reflexively anti-Trump on all things,” said Scarborough. “We’re over our skis and it’s going to hurt us,” Brzezinski added.

He then responded to supposed allegations that he gave the President a safe space by inviting him on so often. “We made the offer to everybody,” said Scarborough.

“We asked Hillary to be on so many times. The only way we could get her on is if we agreed to an 18-minute interview. We had to get into a tiny little prop plane and fly to South Carolina and land in a dirt field and wait for her in the back of a school for our 18 minutes. Then it was very, very, very planned. And they cut us off,” said Brzezinski.

They also responded to how the deal with people they know who support President Trump. “Even people I’ve known and loved my entire life still support Trump, and I talk to them, I don’t understand it,” said Scarborough. This interview is about as authentic as Scarborough being a ‘Republican’.