MSNBC’s Joy Reid Asks If It Should Be Okay For Black People To Own Guns, She Gets Crushed By Guest

by Donald 0

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggested that black people shouldn’t own guns because it could be too dangerous for them. She played a clip of two black men being arrested after refusing to leave a Starbucks in Philadelphia.

“My thinking on is that if either of those two men had been concealed carry holders, and any of those police officers had seen a gun, even though they were being as peaceful as they were, there is a great probability that they would be dead. Do you worry that encouraging black people to carry endangers black people’s lives? We know that implicit bias is real,” said Reid.

Her guest, rapper “Killer Mike” argued back against her. “Michael Brown was not armed,” said Mike… even though Brown tried to take a police man’s gun. “But do you think those two men would have been in danger if they had been?” asked Reid.

“I think black men are in danger from law enforcement because we need to teach better policing. I’m going to tell you what struck me about that video. White people stood up and immediately were allies, thank you for that. But the black men are to be congratulated and saluted,” said Mike.

“In matters of Philando Castile, I would rather start to congratulate the man he was. He was a working man. He was a legal firearms owner. He exercised that right, and that’s what I think we should be doing. And I don’t think those police would have killed those young men because those young men handled that spectacularly,” said Mike.