MSNBC’s Joy Reid Compares President Trump To Famous Segregationist George Wallace

by Donald 0


MSNBC and the mainstream media has compared President Trump to Hitler, ISIS, North Korea, the Soviet Union, and more. They do it so much it has become very casual and expected for them. In a recent interview, MSNBC’s Joy Reid compare President Trump to famous segregationist George Wallace without much explanation.

“I think [about] George Wallace a lot when I think about Donald Trump. Is he comparable to Wallace or something different?” asked Joy Reid to her guest, Lawrence O’Donnell.

“The Wallace campaign was about hate in both directions. It was about Wallace expressing the hatred of the other side that his voters felt. Trump did exactly the same thing. You would see a protester at a Trump rally and, very quickly, Trump caught on to, ‘Oh, this is the good part of the rally. The part where I get to say, I want to punch him in the face.’ That was pure Wallace,” said O’Donnell.

O’Donnell is completely ignoring the fact that the average Democrat has far more hatred for the average Trump supporter than the average Trump supporter has towards a Democrat.

“Taken right out — not that Trump has the vaguest notion of history and that it had been done before. He had exactly the same sense of, kind of, vulgar showmanships that Wallace did,” said O’Donnell.