MSNBC’s Joy Reid Reports That Everyone Who Supports The NRA Just Wants To Murder Brown People

by Donald 0

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid has taken some horrible swipes at the NRA and 2nd Amendment supporters in the past, but now it’s getting ridiculous. During a segment on her show “AM Joy”, Reid suggested that the NRA is trying to tell people to buy guns to stop ‘brown people’ from making America more diverse.

“The NRA has sort of aligned itself with the so-called alt-right. They’ve made it a cultural issue and sent signals that it is the scary brown people you need to arm yourself against. It’s crazy messaging. That next generation, very multi-racial, very multi-cultural. They’re not interested in that message,” said Reid without evidence.

Reid also reacted to the idea that if we allow teachers to have guns, they will shoot black students.

“And I want to amplify that point that that is not why the NRA opposed the bill. They are suing because they’re upset the teenagers can’t buy AR-15s. That is what they say is wrong with the bill. They don’t care about that — they just care about the fact that they think — in their view, teenage girls should be able to buy it because they don’t do any mass shootings. Pretty incredible,” said Reid.

She argued that gun supporters are the types of people who shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. “The point that the people that want the guns the most and are the most vociferous and, really, extremist about this tend to be people whom you think, ‘Yeah, that is a person I’d like to see restricted'” she said.