MSNBC’s Reverend Accuses All Alabama Republicans Of ‘Pedophilia’

by Donald 0


In a strong and insane rant, MSNBC’s ‘Reverend’ Dr. William Barber accused all Alabama Republicans of “pedophilia.”

“Seems true orthodox evangelicals would not be supporting Roy Moore or this extremism in what I call ‘Republican religionism.’ It is not orthodox evangeliscalism. They try to hijack that term. White evangelicalism is connected to white nationalism, it’s connect to white supremacy. It is the backbone of racism that has happened in this country,” started Barber in his crazy rant.

“I call them Republican religionist, because they’ve given him cover and so many others on non-Christian policies like blocking health care is a non-Christian policy. Blocking living wages is a non-Christian policy. Blocking and suppressing voting rights is a non-Christian policy. Hating gay people is a non-Christian policy. Promoting guns a non-Christian policy,” he claimed.

He then accused Alabama Republicans of endorsing ‘pedophilia’ for allowing children to be poor. “Well, a real spiritual battle would be addressing the fact that in some counties in Alabama, 40 percent of the people in poverty. There are 24 percent of children living in households that are poverty. That’s policy pedophilia, when you’re hurting children and not addressing that. It’s one of the lowest states in public education,” he said.

“You’ve got 900,000 people in poverty. Twenty percent with no health insurance. Those are the things that Christians should be dealing with if they were dealing with orthodox evangelicalism. This is heretical,” he said. Check out his rant below.