Nasty Traitor Shep Smith Tried To Attack Trump On Live TV, Just Got Brutal Justice [Video]

by Chris Reynolds 0

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It’s unthinkable how Fox News can keep a reporter on its staff who is as deeply biased toward the Democrats and against our 45th President Donald Trump as Shep Smith is.

Throughout the Presidential campaign, he rivaled even disgraced former Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly for the amount of times he smeared Trump on air with false accusations . He didn’t learn his lesson, however, when he decided to take on Trump yet again.

Said Shep, defending nasty CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who Sean Spicer threatened to kick out of Trump’s press conference, “President-elect Trump today told CNN’s Jim Acosta that his organization amounts to fake news. CNN’s exclusive reporting on the Russian matter was separate, and distinctly different from the document dump executed by an online news property.”

He wasn’t done. He added, “Though we at Fox News cannot confirm CNN’s report, it is our observation that its correspondents followed journalistic standards, and that neither they nor any other journalist should be subjected to belittling and delegitimizing by the president-elect of the United States.”

Unfortunately for deeply slanted Shep, however, the entire Russian news story he was talking about has been entirely discredited. Even liberal reporter Chuck Todd agrees, as he just roasted BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith to his face, saying, “I know this was not your intent, I’ve known you a long time, but you just published fake news.” Do you think Shep Smith should watch his mouth the next time he tries to attack Trump over fake news? Watch below: