NBC Praises “Courageous” Women Who Abort Babies For Having Down Syndrome

by Donald 0


Washington Post author Ruth Marcus talks about the ‘right’ of women to choose to murder their babies when they realize they have down syndrome. The article in entitled “I would’ve aborted a fetus with Down syndome. Women need that right.”

“But accepting that essential truth is different from compelling a woman to give birth to a child whose intellectual capacity will be impaired, whose life choices will be limited, whose health may be compromised. Most children with Down syndrome have mild to moderate cognitive impairment, meaning an IQ between 55 and 70 (mild) or between 35 and 55 (moderate). This means limited capacity for independent living and financial security; Down syndrome is life-altering for the entire family,” explains the article.

“I’m going to be blunt here: That was not the child I wanted. That was not the choice I would have made. You can call me selfish, or worse, but I am in good company. The evidence is clear that most women confronted with the same unhappy alternative would make the same decision,” said the article.

So how did the mainstream media react to that? They called her, and the women who murder their down syndrome babies ‘courageous.’

“Courageous column, @ruthmarcus “I would’ve aborted a fetus with Down syndome. Women need that right.”” tweeted NBC’s Ken Dilanian. People responded with wrath. “Aborting children with Down syndrome is motivated by the sinister idea that “abnormal” people are better off dead. That no life at all is better than a life touched by suffering. But what life doesn’t have suffering?” asked National Review’s Alexandra DeSanctis.