NBC’s Lester Holt Attacks Melania’s Parents For Becoming US Citizens, Lets Them Know They Aren’t Welcome Here

by Donald 0

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Melania Trump’s parents just legally became citizens of the United States. You would think that because liberals are so ‘pro-immigrant’ they would welcome them with open arms. Nope. They insulted her paren’t right to become citizens and used them to attack Trump’s policies.

“Now to new questions tonight about a possible double standard when it comes to the first family. First lady Melania Trump’s parents becoming brand new U.S. citizens today apparently through a process that President Trump has repeatedly railed against and has said he wants to end,” said NBC’s Lester Holt at the beginning of his segment.

“Tonight, the first in-laws Melania Trump’s parents sworn in as American citizens. The Slovenia immigrants taking the oath in New York City. Their experience reigniting questions whether they obtained citizenship through chain migration, a family unification process President Trump’s repeatedly denounced,” said White House correspondent Peter Alexander.

Even though the family did nothing that broke the current laws. They think her parents MIGHT have become citizens through chain-migration.

“Asked if Knavses used chain migration, the lawyer told The New York Times, “I suppose it’s a dirty– dirtier word.” The First Lady’s parents are familiar faces at the White House. Mrs. Trump missing today’s private ceremony, although she reportedly sponsored her parents’ visa applications after she became a citizen in 2006. All of it comes just days after NBC News was first to report the Trump administration is considering a crackdown on legal immigration,” said Alexander.