“Never Trump” Candidate Just Got Hit With Brutal News That Will Destroy His Life, Holy Sh*t

by Chris Reynolds 0

McMullin Trump trouble

Some arrogant Republicans made a huge mistake when they decided to start a “Never Trump” movement in an attempt to thwart people-powered outsider Donald Trump from winning the Republican presidential nomination and, later, the general election.

Their grand scheme failed, of course, and these traitorous Republicans ended up with egg on their face. Some “Never Trumpers” have been able to reboot their careers by coming around, but another “Never Trumper” is still suffering from some very painful news.

Conservative former CIA agent Evan McMullin decided to run for President for the sole purpose of poaching enough votes away from Trump so that he would lose to Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, McMullin, who ended up garnering just over 730,000 votes, is still in debt for $670,000 to vendors without Hillary in the White House to bail him out.

McMullin owes money to seven different companies, including $500,000 to a law firm. Said Tanner Leatham, owner of a consulting firm that McMullin stiffed, “From what I know, they do not have any capability or plans to pay all the vendors they still owe money. They have told me they cannot pay us what they owe.”

The Salt Lake City Tribune recently reported how McMullin’s deadbeat status will likely impair his planned political career. McMullin’s campaign manager Joel Searby put on a brave face, saying, “Responding to a unique moment, we ran a campaign on a short time frame and without traditional party support. We’re proud of what we did, running a lean operation and relying on mainly small individual donors, but ultimately fell short of fundraising goals. We are working hard to do what we can within the law to retire as much debt as possible.” Do you think this “Never Trumper” learned his lesson?