New Information Shows That Hillary Clinton’s Investigator May Not Have Committed Suicide

by Donald 0


Peter Smith was a GOP member who wanted to work with Russian hackers to expose all of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Just days after talking to the Wall Street Journal about his efforts against Hillary Clinton, the 81-year-old committed suicide. He left a note claiming that he was killing himself because of his poor health.

However, Charles Ortel a wall street banker and personal friend of Peter Smith, didn’t believe it was really a suicide. Ortel talked on the phone with Smith the day before he killed himself. “He may have been a fantastic actor but I certainly didn’t leave that phone call saying, ‘oh sh*t, the guy’s at the end of his rope,’” said Ortel.

“This does not seem like a settled story. It made perfect sense to me he might have died of natural causes, but little chance he would have killed himself,” said Ortel.

“We had countless discussions. He was using his unique decades of experience in politics to offer me advice how to expose the Clinton Foundation,” said Ortel about Smith.

Smith’s suicide note also seemed suspicious to Ortel. It was written in all capital letters. The two have written emails back and forth to each other many times and Smith never used capital letters. “I don’t remember a single one in all cap letters. To put that in a suicide note as many times as he did and in language that’s not really professional doesn’t sound like him,” said Smith. For more information read here.