Newt Gingrich Slams Hillary, Backs Up Trump With 5 Reasons Why His ISIS Speech Was The Best Since Reagan

by Justin 2410

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has proven to be an invaluable ally to Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump after Gingrich himself bowed out of the primaries because Trump was so successful. Gingrich was one of the first top politicians to recognize how powerfully Trump’s message of revitalizing America was to regular citizens sick of being oppressed by Obama’s elitist programs.

Trump recently delivered a speech about our foreign policy that was widely hailed as highly effective, perhaps even a classic speech. Gingrich in particular was effusive in his praise, and gave reasons why it was a great speech and the best since Ronald Reagan.

Said Gingrich:

“[Trump] did just a remarkable job, in my judgment, of identifying the enemy, describing accurately how big the problem is. This is in some ways is the most important foreign policy speech since Ronald Reagan in that it really does set the stage for a debate about what’s threatening us and what we should do about it and I think the contrast between what he did — what Donald Trump did and what Hillary Clinton is couldn’t be clearer. This is a Grand Canyon-wide chasm of two different views.”


Added Newt:

“Now, he took what may be the most important national security threat of the next decade, he outlined what the threat is, he outlined why we have failed, he outlined how important it is and he began to lay the base for a very serious, very dramatic change. This was truly a historic speech. I‘m interested to see if the mainstream media can actually focus on the speech and can actually talk about the difference between the confusion of the Obama-Clinton model and the clarity of the Trump model. ”

We totally agree. What do you think?