‘It’s Not C-O-N, The Cable Opinion Network’, Kellyanne Slams CNN’s Cuomo For His ‘Flat-Out Lies’

by Chris Reynolds 0

kellyanne cuomo lies

Now that the Senate’s version of the Republican tax cuts bill passed, Democrats are attempting a Hail Mary move and trying to have the bill killed while it’s in its final reconciliation phase with the House bill. As part of this effort, they are attempting to build public support against the bill by claiming that it does not help regular Americans.

Thankfully, supporters of the bill such as White House counselor have taken an active role in swatting away the liberals’ falsehoods. In a recent appearance on CNN’s New Day, Conway trolled host Chris Cuomo perfectly for trying to spread lies about the bill.

On the show, Cuomo claimed that the tax cuts bill only helped the very rich, saying to Kellyanne, “No, I’m saying [the middle class are] not getting as good a treatment as the upper tier, and this was sold as advantaging them.” She fired back, “No. You know what’s been horrible treatment? Their taxes have been steadily going up. They’ve been paying for out-of-control spending. They’ve been paying higher taxes.”

Liberal Cuomo then asked, “Who’s that helping?” Kellyanne responded, calling him out for his interruptions, “Here’s what we got rid of in this — here’s what we got rid of in this tax plan, if I may speak a full sentence here, please.” She added, “Here’s what we got rid of in this tax plan. All the special interest stops. All the credits, and deductions, and exemptions that benefit the wealthy and the well-connected, which the tax code does already. The tax code –”

When Cuomo tried to defend the tax code, Kellyanne quipped, “The tax code is longer than the Bible and not quite as inspirational.” When Chris still wouldn’t give up lying about the bill, Conway zinged the CNN host by saying, “Excuse me. You work for the Cable News Network, CNN. It’s not the CON, C-O-N, Cable Opinion Network.” How much do you love Kellyanne for this? Watch below: