Obama Expresses Seething Anger Toward ‘Climate Deniers’ In His Asian ‘Shadow President’ Tour

by Donald 0

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Shortly after President Trump’s tour around Asia, Obama decided to take one of his own. He is meeting with world leaders just weeks after President Trump did and he is giving speeches. People are furious about this. The Daily Wire wrote that Obama was trying to act as a ‘shadow President’.

Obama’s most recent stop was India, where he scolded people who do not believe in climate change. “It’s hard to have a conversation if somebody says ‘well climate change is a hoax,’” said Obama at a summit in New Dehli.

“I don’t know what to do with that. If you’re saying it’s a hoax, then there’s no way for us to bridge our differences in a constructive way,” said Obama.

“I could have a discussion with somebody who says, ‘okay, yeah, there is climate change, but it is more important to alleviate poverty and get electricity to people so we should use coal, it is cheaper,’” Obama said.

“I have trouble with a conversation with somebody that says the climate is not changing. You know, that becomes almost like a theological argument. It just has to do with somebody has decided this is what I believe as opposed to looking at evidence and facts and the process of reasoning that signifies things like the scientific revolution,” said Obama. Obama also referenced a “pause in American leadership,” and he referenced the Paris Accord. “It’s an agreement, even though we have a little bit of a pause in American leadership, that is giving our children a fighting chance,” said Obama.