“You Are Pathetic!” Tucker Carlson Eviscerates Guest For Saying Republicans Think All Hispanics Are MS-13

by Donald 0

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A few weeks ago, President Trump made headlines for calling members of the violent gang MS-13 ‘animals.’ Liberals tried to twist this into President Trump calling illegal immigrant animals. The New York Times even made the incredibly deceptive headline “Trump Calls Some Unauthorized Immigrants ‘Animals’ in Rant.” If you need proof the New York Times is fake news, there it it.

A guest on Tucker Carlson’s program tried to make the claim that Republicans think that all hispanics are members of MS-13. Tucker Carlson crushed the idiot.

“Part of the issue here is people like yourself and some Republicans want to pinpoint and just simply say, because your first name is Jose, or you are Latino, like me, I’m automatically an MS-13 gang member,” said former DNC deputy press secretary Jose Aristimuno to Tucker Carlson.

“You are a ridiculous person for saying that, I have never suggested anything like that and it’s appalling that you would say that. You are speaking a lie, and not for the first time,” responded Carlson.

The guest than went on to say that Trump thinks the majority of immigrants are criminals. “He has not said that. You are lying for political gain as always,” responded Carlson. After continuing to try and talk, Carlson finally had enough. “This is just another stupid political talking point from a stupid person. I don’t have time for conversations with people who don’t know what they are talking about and haven’t thought it through and want to come on and spew more talking points and call anyone who disagrees, a racist. Which is what you did in the very first sentence of this segment. Thank you. You are pathetic,” said Carlson.

Source: Tucker blasts former DNC Deputy Press Secretary as ‘stupid person’ by BPR