Pence Eviscerates Dana Bash For Saying There Is ‘No Plan’ To Reunite Families

by Donald 0

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Ever since the child separation issue came to the surface, Democrats have been trying to make it sound like it is all Trump’s fault and use it to compare Trump to Hitler. However, the issue was going on during Obama’s presidency and nobody cared and Trump has been working harder than anyone to put an end to it. However, according to CNN’s Dana Bash, Trump is not doing enough. Mike Pence had the perfect response.

“If you are going to separate families isn’t it your responsibility as the leader of the government, isn’t it the administration’s responsibility to figure out how to get them back together?” asked Bash. “Yes. We have been working very diligently in that regard. I think 102 children that were separated from adults of that number, as of today’s deadline I believe we will have reunited 54 of those children,” responded Pence.

Bash said that isn’t good enough, and even if one child isn’t returned then it is unacceptable. Pence taught her a lesson.

“Well, what we don’t ever want to do is return a vulnerable child, age 3 age 4 to someone who may be a threat to them, who may be a human trafficker, who is not their parent. And frankly, the number has gone down from 102 to somewhere in the 70s through our vetting process. We have actually in this process found that people who represented themselves as parents turned out not to be the parents. We have found out that there were individuals with strong criminal backgrounds that had children with them as they crossed the border,” explained Pence.

Bash asked if there was a plan to bring them back together. “Of course there is a plan,” said Pence. “Those children are dispatched to relatives or to foster care. We know where they are and there’s a plan to reunite them. And do it in a way that’s very careful and very thoughtful.”