Piers Morgan Says Omarosa Is Worse Than Dictators, Terrorists And Sex Abusers For What She Did To Him 

by Donald 0


BBC reporter Piers Morgan and former White House aid Omarosa starred together on Celebrity Apprentice. Omarosa, once a huge fan of President Trump, suddenly turned on him and joined the reality show ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ where she just insults Trump non-stop. Morgan just released a bombshell report claiming that Omarosa once offered him sex for TV ratings and when he turned her down she called him a “f*cking f*ggot.”

“I’ve met a lot of vile human beings in my life, from dictators and terrorists to sex abusers and wicked conmen.But I’ve never met anyone quite so relentlessly loathsome as Omarosa; a vicious, duplicitous, lying, conniving, backstabbing piece of work. Which beggars the question: what the hell was she doing inside the world’s most powerful building for 12 months?” writes Morgan. Why didn’t he say anything until now?

“The answer, as we can now see, was amassing a whole mass of damaging information to now use against President Trump and his administration on Celebrity Big Brother. Well duh!” he wrote.

“Omarosa sidled up to me at the New York Mercantile Exchange and said, quite seriously: ‘Piers, do you want a showmance?’ ‘A what?’ I replied. ‘A showmance. You know, a romance on the show – we get it on together. Happens all the time on Apprentice. Everyone has sex together. Then we can make lots of money out of it.’” writes Morgan.

He apparently turned her down. “She didn’t take it well. ‘What are you? Gay?’From that moment, she turned on me like a viper. I can honestly say I’ve never been spoken to in my life like the disgusting, foul-mouthed, homophobic way Omarosa spat at me throughout the weeks of filming,” writes Morgan. Do you think he’s telling the truth?