Puerto Rico’s Governor Destroys Univision Anchor To His Face For Calling Trump ‘Racist’

by Chris Reynolds 0

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It is disgusting how people keep accusing President Donald Trump of being racist to Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria, despite the fact that he has committed billions of dollars in aid to helping the U.S. territory recover. Thankfully, Puerto Rico’s Governor hit back hard recently when a Univision host again accused Trump of racism.

Asked Univision’s leftist reporter Jorge Ramos in Spanish to Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo “Ricky” Rossello, “When President Trump says that the real catastrophe was what happened in Katrina and not in Puerto Rico, why did you not defend the Puerto Ricans? Why didn’t you tell him, ‘Mr. President, that is not correct?’ For many, you are very subservient.”

Rossello, who is a Democrat, defended Trump in no uncertain terms, saying, “Well, because he didn’t say that the real catastrophe was one, and not in Puerto Rico. He spoke of the Katrina catastrophe, right, and what we have always asked the President, after expressions or a twitter issue, is clarity. Does the President recognize that this is a disaster? Yes. I flew over the island with him and he could see that there are hundreds of thousands of homes in Puerto Rico that are destroyed, and he recognized that in the conversations we had and afterwards.”

Ramos then tried to make things personal, asking Ricky, “Why do you continue treating Donald Trump so well? Is there not racism in the way that Donald Trump has treated you (Puerto Ricans), Governor? Puerto Ricans keep dying, and despite all this your attitude with Donald Trump is still the same. Due to the lack of aid, Governor. Because the aid they need has not arrived. In other words, the deaths and the wounded are because of the lack of aid that the government of Donald Trump has not provided in time.”

Said Rossello, not buying Ramos’ smears, “This is real simple. I am here to get results, right? Not to focus on what is being said or talked about. I’ve now just heard an expression where it is said, by the Mayor of San Juan, that the real catastrophe is what Donald Trump is saying, when every day what we are seeing is that the real catastrophe is what happened here in Puerto Rico. It’s a hurricane. It’s caused massive damage. That’s what we have to focus on.” Are you glad Rossello set nasty Ramos straight? Watch below: