Real Scientists Crush TV Host Bill Nye For Saying ‘Climate Change’ Causes Hurricanes

by Chris Reynolds 0

bill nye hurricane

Entertainer Bill Nye has made a whole career out of playing “The Science Guy” on television, despite the fact that he has no training as a scientist and has never worked as a scientist.

However, this complete lack of expertise has not stopped Nye from pretending to be a scientist in real life, too, as he has become one of the loudest liberal celebrity cheerleaders of their “climate change” theory. In the midst of the last two powerful hurricanes, Nye joined the chorus of left-wing notables claiming that these storms were somehow caused by climate change, and not weather patterns.

Former Obama advisor recently wrote on his Twitter account in a viral post, “Shouldn’t we start naming these repeated Storms-of-the-Century after key climate change deniers? Hurricane Donald. Hurricane Scott…” Not to be outdone, Bill joined up with disgraced former news anchor Dan Rather and attempted to share his hurricane theory, saying that “more heat energy in the atmosphere strengthens the storms, as you’d expect.”

Unfortunately for Nye, real scientists with actual actual science credentials took note of his statement and shot back with scientific facts about how he is off the mark. Wrote hurricane scientist Ryan Maue in response to Nye, “Bill Nye confuses the oceans with the atmosphere. 

Maue assessed deluded liberals like Bill Nye overall, writing, “Some use their voices to lift spirits of those impacted by natural disasters & others use opportunity to mock & score political points.” Are you glad this real scientist set “The Science Guy” straight?