Richard Dreyfuss Tries To Twist His Sexual Assaults Into A Good Thing: This Is A Wonderful “Awakening”

by Donald 0

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Maria Laura Antonelli/AGF/REX/Shutterstock (7553942l)
Richard Dreyfuss
'Madoff' film premiere, Roma Fiction Fest, Rome, Italy - 10 Dec 2016

Richard Dreyfuss has joined the long list of Hollywood celebrities to be accused of sexual harassment or assault. However, Dreyfuss had the strangest response. He tried to twist his assaults into a good thing.

“There is a sea-change happening right now, which we can look upon as a problem or an opportunity. We all of us are awakening to the reality that how men have behaved toward women for eons is not OK. The rules are changing invisibly underneath our feet. I am playing catch up. Maybe we all are,” he said.

Actually the rules never changed. And no, we aren’t all playing catch up. Most men already know the right and wrong ways to treat a woman. His speech got even worse.

“I hope people can join me in honestly looking at our behavior and trying to make it right. We have to relearn every rule we thought we knew about how men and women interact, because after all getting together is the most fundamental human compulsion. And if we don’t succeed in that, what do we have? I hope this is the beginning of a larger conversation we can have as a culture,” said Dreyfuss.

Dreyfuss has been accused of exposing himself to women. This is not something that most men think is okay to do.