Rosie And Lib Celebs Tried To Blame Trump For Virginia Riots, They Got Ripped Apart

by Chris Reynolds 0

rosie trump protests

The “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia got out of hand, and sadly resulted in a death plus injuries after a 20 year old man named James Alex Fields Jr. decided to ram his car into a crowd.

Instead of trying to separate fact from fiction regarding this event, celebrity liberals have, in knee-jerk fashion, decided to blame Republican President Trump for the rally. This is despite the fact that Trump is currently in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The usual suspects among Hollywood’s liberal extremists quickly attempted to connect Trump to the riots, with propaganda filmmaker Michael Moore saying, “Trump’s America: The last days of White rule. It’s always a bitch to have to give up power you’ve held for 300 years.”

Added multi-millionaire Malibu resident Rob Reiner, “Let’s be clear. The hatred we’re seeing in Virginia lies at the feet of Donald Trump. Stoked during the campaign, his silence condones this.” Rosie O’Donnell, of course, could not let a controversy go by without chiming in her opinion. She posted, “another PROFOUND MORAL FAILURE… 

Thankfully, some conservative commenters were quick to point the flawed logic of liberals blaming President Trump for the Charlottesville riots. Wrote one person, “If Trump is responsible for this, then by Michael Moore’s logic Obama must be responsible for the Ferguson riots.” Do you think these celebrities are wrong for trying to blame Trump for this?