Rush Just Sent Out A Serious Warning, Realized Way Dems Could Actually Impeach Trump

by Chris Reynolds 0

rush trump warning

It is becoming increasingly clear how long-entrenched organizations in the United States have become dead-set on removing populist outsider Donald Trump from his democratically-elected role as our nation’s President.

Thankfully, President Trump also has no shortage of backers, particularly among the electorate. However, radio host Rush Limbaugh sent out a serious warning about how President Trump could end up being taken down if things work out the way anti-Trump forces would like them to.

On his show, a caller inquired if there is any way that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation could be terminated. Responded Limbaugh, “You’re not going to stop it. But the Mueller investigation is predicated on the Democrats winning control of the House and then running the articles of impeachment. If you want to stop Mueller, don’t let the Democrats win the House.”

Limbaugh then put something together about his own state Florida and said to listeners, “Remember the big hurricane that wiped out Puerto Rico? The publisher of a newspaper in Puerto Rico is reporting that, by their count, 320,000 Puerto Ricans have immigrated to the United States.” Rush pointed out how 70% of these Puerto Ricans resettled in Florida.

He then said by Election Day 2018 that up to 500,000 Puerto Ricans may resettle in the continental United States. Stated Limbaugh, “If 60% of them register Democrat, then Florida ever voting for a Republican presidential candidate may be lost for as long as we can see.” He added, “And should this number of Puerto Ricans moving to Florida impact congressional elections, say, in the midterms, well, then, if you have the Democrats after the 2018 midterms running the House, then impeachment becomes a much more relevant thing.” Are you concerned about Rush’s dire prediction?