Rush Limbaugh Crushes Kim Jong Un And Everyone Who’s Afraid Of Him: He’s A “Zit On A Pig”

by Donald 0

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 3.59.46 PM

The liberal media has been completely freaking out over North Korea, and even more over Trump’s response to North Korea. However, Rush Limbaugh has a hilarious take on the whole situation. “What does this mean? It means that ‘wimpism’ has taken over the Washington establishment, that ‘wussism’ and ‘wimpism’ and ‘pajama boyism’ has taken over,” said Limbaugh.

He said that even though North Korea is working on these weapons there is nothing to worry about and the liberal media is acting like a bunch of wusses.

“North Korea is a zit on the butt of a pig, and there is no reason to be afraid of it. Would rerun around acting afraid of a zit on a pig? Mr. Limbaugh, they are getting nuclear weapons. Yet, they can’t hit the side of a barn yet for crying out loud,” said Limbaugh.

“What are we supposed to do sit here and wait until the real one is airborne and hope that being gentle and compassionate and unprovocative will stop this lunatic from doing what he is doing? Is that what we are to believe here? That we adopt the Obama pajama boy policy here? That’s how the Iranians got this their nukes, its this pajama boy liberalism way of life,” said Limbaugh.

Do you think he’s right? Check out the video below.