Rush Limbaugh Exposes Shocking Reason Why Media Is Really Praising John McCain So Much

by Donald 0


Hollywood and the liberal media have been honoring John McCain non-stop since he died. However, they don’t feel the same way about other Republicans. So why are they acting this way? Rush Limbaugh exposes the truth.

“The death of Senator McCain has provided an opportunity for the Drive-By Media,” explained Limbaugh before playing a clip of CNN’s Jake Tapper. “I can’t help but think that like part of the reason why there’s such reverence for him today is because of who’s in the White House right now because they are polar opposites,” said Tapper.

“So there you have it from none other than the Never Trumper network, CNN, making it clear that part of the reason why there’s so much reverence for Senator McCain is because of who is in the White House right now,” said Limbaugh

“One of the reasons there’s reverence for McCain is the opportunity it provides to continue to savage Donald Trump, to continue to rip Donald Trump by setting up these comparisons between Trump and McCain and showing Trump coming up short on virtually every measure the Drive-Bys make,” said Limbaugh.

Limbaugh then explained why the media wants Trump to be more like McCain. “McCain’s willingness to talk about crossing the aisle, shaking hands, working together to get things done, the politics of compromise … always meant Republicans losing. In those days, when we talked about Republicans compromising, what it meant was Republicans forgetting their agenda and signing on to the Democrat agenda,” he explained.