Rush Limbaugh Exposes How Trump Is Playing Democrats, Not ‘Betraying Supporters’ On Immigration

by Donald 0


Many news outlets are reporting that President Trump abandoned his base of supporters during meetings with the Democrats about immigration. However, Rush Limbaugh has a completely different take on it.

“Even though CNN is misrepresenting it… where I think Trump sold us out. And that’s not what I think happened yesterday. I’ve been pretty clear what I think happened. But CNN is eager to make it appear that Trump is losing his base…” said Limbaugh.

He then shared his theory of what is really going on. “It was a brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed rebuttal to this stupid Wolff book. The pictures tell the tale — Trump is in the room, dominating it, controlling it, he is cooperative, he is open, he’s tolerant, he’s understanding. He’s in total command of over 45 minutes of televised meeting on immigration. He is totally informed on the issues,” said Limbaugh.

“So after you watch this, how would you react to anything in the Wolff book characterizing Mr. Trump as just the opposite of this? And this was the purpose of this today — it was not about immigration,” said Limbaugh.

“It was to counter the Wolff book, it was to get rid of it, it was to toss it aside, it was to rebut it, it was to nuke it, it was to dispel it, it was to render it meaningless, and to have it seen for what it is — a pack of lies,” said Limbaugh. Do you think he’s right? Check out the video below.