Rush Limbaugh Shares The 1 Reason There Will Not Be A ‘President Oprah’

by Chris Reynolds 0

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Billionaire retired talk show host Oprah Winfrey made an appearance at the Golden Globes last Sunday to accept the Cecil B. DeMille Award, and gave a speech about women’s rights that was very well-received.

Ordinarily, that would be the end of it. But in a turn of events that shows just how desperate the Democrat Party is right now, some liberals who watched that speech immediately proclaimed that it was “presidential” and that Winfrey should be the person that Democrats run against Republican President Donald Trump in 2020. Crazily enough, many other liberals agreed with them.

Fellow broadcast icon Rush Limbaugh, however, explained why leftists chomping at the bit for an Oprah presidency need to cool their jets. On his show, he shared his theory why President Oprah Winfrey will never become a reality.

Stated Limbaugh, “The fact that the Democrats and the media, the Left, are all-in on Oprah proves how vacant their party actually is. But then you have to ask yourself, there are real Democrats, elected Democrats, Washington, D.C. Democrats who want this gig, they want to be president, they want to run for president, they want to beat Trump.” He added, “How many people have the Democrats told to stand aside for Obama in 2008? How many Democrats were told to stand aside for Hillary in 2008? That’s the question.”

Rush explained that all of these other wannabe Democratic presidents are not going to let Oprah take away their chance at winning the White House, even if having Oprah running would increase Democrats’ chances of beating Trump. Asked Rush, “Are they gonna stand aside again? When we get to 2020, are the Democrats gonna say to all of their proven electoral heavyweights, ahem, stand aside for Oprah? I’m not so sure.” Do you think Rush is correct?