Sarah Palin Goes Full Force Against Elizabeth Warren For Stealing Her Famous Line, It’s Epic

by Donald 0

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Elizabeth Warren just messed with the wrong woman. Sarah Palin was not happy when Warren stole her famous line. Sarah Palin once bravely stood up to the GOP establishment. She recommended that GOP’ers need to stand up and learn to ‘fight like a girl’. The phrase has in the past been used as an insult. But Palin used it in a way to show how strong girls really are.

“Maybe I should ask some of the Badger women’s hockey team, those champions …If we should be suggesting to GOP leaders they need to learn how to fight like a girl!” said Palin. Now let’s look at the lame way that Elizabeth Warren used the term. Elizabeth Warren stood in front the art installation “Fearless Girl” and wrote “fight like a girl” on twitter.

Sarah Palin had some strong words to say to Warren for badly using her phrase. “I don’t know. Coming from liberals who urge women to claim victimization, ‘Fight like a girl’ just doesn’t sound the same as when legit fighters for equality say it, mean it, live it, and will never give it up,” said Palin.

In a recent interview Warren used the phrase to describe a girl she saw wearing a “pussy hat” at an anti-Trump rally.

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