Sarah Sanders Just Insulted CNN So Badly, The Reporters Actually Gasped, It’s Amazing

by Chris Reynolds 0

cnn sanders gasp

Liberal reporters mistakenly think that they can pull one over on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders like they perhaps could have done with her overmatched predecessor Sean Spicer.

However, the razor-sharp Sanders has shown the journalists time and time again how fruitless it is to try to trick her or bait her. One of the most pesky and persistent of these liberal journalists has been CNN reporter Jim Acosta. Sanders recently dropped a burn so powerful on his network that the other reporters in the press room actually gasped when they heard it.

In the press briefing, Sarah took questions about the FBI’s Russia investigation, the FISA Court getting reauthorized, the upcoming immigration bill and DACA. Acosta did not take the discussion seriously, however, and instead tried to share more gossip about President Donald Trump watching TV.

Said Jim, “The president watches something on ‘Fox & Friends’ and then tweets about it… There have been folks out there who have said there’s a cause and effect. He watches something on “Fox & Friends” and then tweets about it. Did that happen this morning and does that go on?”

Replied Sanders sharply, “I’m sure you’re disappointed he’s not watching CNN.” Acosta then claimed that Trump watches “a lot of CNN.” Fired back Sanders, “I don’t think that’s true. Your numbers would be higher.” The other journalists in the room let out a collective gasp that could clearly be heard. How much do you love Sanders for taking down CNN like this? Watch below: